Static variables

@:value(ApptimizeState.Shutdown) @:volatilestatic ApptimizeState = ApptimizeState.Shutdown _state

@:value("value")staticString = "value" kABTValueEventKey

Static methods

static Array<ABTAlteration> _getAlterations (ABTFilterEnvParams envParams)

static String _getCodeBlockMethod (ABTFilterEnvParams envParams, String codeBlockVariableName)

static Array<ABTVariant> _getVariants (ABTFilterEnvParams envParams)

static Bool _isInitialized ()

static Void _setup (String appKey, Dynamic configAttributes, Void ‑>  Void setupComplete)

static Bool _trySetReady ()

Try to set the ready state if we are already initialized. Returns if state was successfully set

static Void generateTrackEvent (ABTFilterEnvParams envParams, String eventName, Null< Float> eventValue)

static Void setState ( ApptimizeState state)

static Void shutdown ()